Company Overview

Pegasus Armour Group is a diversified security organization based in South Africa.  Our services are tailored to our clients needs and include physical training ,logistical and operational support. Our training facility located  outside Johannesburg can accommodate a range of simulations and training scenarios. We are capable of mobilizing to deliver our expertise globally, with a concentration in Africa and the Middle East.

Training Division

Our training facility is located just outside the city limits of Johannesburg. The diverse terrain encompasses everything from high peaked valleys, level plains, intricate mountain tunnels and concrete walled structures. This gives us the capability to create courses that mirror the environments that host most of the conflict regions in the world today. Our courses take into account the complex circumstances that security personnel will be faced with. We are capable of creating situations that may require repelling in order to obtain a strategic vantage point, use of structural cover to gain a better visual on a specific target or the breaching and securing of entry points.

The facility is also equipped with several shooting ranges capable of accommodating shooting inside and outside of a vehicle, long range targets and close proximity handgun fundamentals. Our teams can be mobilized to deliver our expertise anywhere in the world to create a specific training program or provide physical support. The result of our training program is the immersion of our client in intelligent tactical response.

Canine Division

Having capable dogs enables security personnel to have the freedom of movement, without hindering the capabilities of its handler. We view the dog as an additional appendage, acting as an independent third arm. Our program is primarily based on autonomous training to achieve this goal using a select breed of dogs. The courses focus on the search of vehicles, routes, structures and for improvised explosive devices (IED).

We also take into account the events that may go unexpected, such as crowd control and establishing a perimeter using the dog as a roaming barricade. While some circumstances will be unavoidable, having a dog with the proper instruction and training can minimize both risk and impact, ensuring the goal is achieved.

Logistical Support

Having accessibility to goods and services within a foreign country can be difficult to establish. We review a UN approved list of vendors and suppliers to provide our clients with multiple options for acquisition. Current social and economic conditions are assessed for any potential disruption to the supply chain.


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